Invited, Plenary and Public Talks

Invited, Plenary and Public Talks
  1. The SICS Seminars: Human Potential series – Human Microbiome in Pregnancy and Early Life, February 2022.
  2. iOmics and Deep Clinical Phenotyping: Bringing Precision to Women and Child Health. National Precision Medicine Alliance Meeting, Singapore, April 2021.
  3. Data Deus: Guiding the future of precision health. DOHaD meeting, Melbourne Australia, October 2019.
  4. Bridging Big Data & Imaging Studies for Precision Healthcare. ISMRM Workshop on MRI of Obesity & Metabolic Disorders, July 2019.
  5. Human variation: Findings from the Singapore GUSTO Study on Prenatal & Infant Population. ILSI SEAR Science Symposium on Human Variability & Personalized Nutrition – Opportunities for Research, Public Health Benefits and Food Innovation, May 2019.
  6. Plenary talk on Big Data Analytics and iOmics: Bringing Precision to Women and Child Health. GENO Symposium on Big Data Analysis and Clinical trials, Univ. of Auckland and Melbourne Children’s Research Institute, August 2018.
  7. Precision health: Shaping the new life in womb for a better tomorrow. Annual conference of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association Pediatric Division in Shanghai, China, August 2018.
  8. iOmics and Precision Health – An early life perspective. Shanghai Institutes of Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, August 2018.
  9. Developmental pathways to metabolic adversities start in womb, and are influenced by in utero environment. 7th International Singapore Lipid Symposium, March 2018.
  10. Applying Precision Medicine in Women and Child Health. Future of Personalized and Precision Medicine Conference, Singapore, February 2018.
  11. B12 deficiency in developed nations. Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD) 10th World Congress, Rotterdam Netherlands, October 2017.
  12. Public talk: Tackling diabetes in womb for the future health of mother and child. One North Festival (Pioneering an Innovation Future), A*STAR, Singapore, August 2017.
  13. Precision health and developmental cohorts. Department of Biochemistry, University of Virginia, USA, July 2017.
  14. Precision health and nutrition. Nestle delegates from Switzerland NRC center, March 2017.
  15. Developmental Cohorts in Singapore, UK delegation visit to A*STAR. November 2016.
  16. Debate: Human Capital Moonshot. HBGDKi, Grand Challenges convening, Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, London, UK, October 2016.
  17. Introduction to Growing Up in Singapore Towards healthy Outcome (GUSTO) – multi-level analysis. National Precision Medicine Alliance Meeting, Singapore, September 2016.
  18. 1000 (epi)genome roadmap for developmental origins of health and disease. DOHaD symposium, Japan, July 2016.
  19. Obesity Grand Challenge Program. EpiGen- Science Strategy meeting, Singapore, May 2016
  20. HGM 2016, Translational Genomics, Houston, USA, March 2016.
  21. EPIGEN- Science Strategy meeting, Auckland, New Zealand, February 2015.
  22. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) meeting on DOHaD and epigenetics, London, UK, December 2014.
  23. NUHS, OB-GYN department, Singapore, July 2014.
  24. Singapore-New Zealand Food for life Joint Symposium. Biopolis, Singapore, October 2013.
  25. Joint Seminar Series / Grand Rounds arranged by Cancer Center at University of Virginia, April 2008.
  26. Eukaryotic DNA replication and genome maintenance meeting held at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, New York, September 2007.
  27. Eukaryotic DNA replication meeting held at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, New York, November 2005.
  28. ENCODE meeting held at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, New York, November 2004.
  29. 5th Dr. C. R. Krishna Murti Memorial Young scientist Award session held at Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow, India, March 2001.