Systems Biology and Biomarker Discovery

Karnani Lab focuses on big data analytics and biomarker discovery related to women and child health. We are particularly interested in taking multi-omics approaches (genetics, epigenetics, transcriptomics, lipidomics, microbiomics, metagenomics and metabolomics) by leveraging the bio-samples collected from Singapore’s largest and most comprehensive longitudinal birth cohorts. Omics information from our cohort studies is generated from a variety of tissues and cell types, and most importantly longitudinally providing the dynamics of molecular marks at different stages of pregnancy and child development. We have been integrating the findings from omics data to develop better insights into metabolic diseases (gestational diabetes and child obesity), micronutrient deficiencies and mental health adversities. Our research findings have led to collaborations with nutrition industries, local and international academic institutes, and consortia.


Latest News


Our manuscript on the influences of early life factors and ethnicity on the acquisition and developmental dynamics of early gut microbiota was just published in Gut Microbes on 26 May 2020!

Seminars & Conferences

Members of Karnani Lab will be presenting at the DOHAD World Congress in October 2019.


Check out our open source reference panel for estimation and adjustment of cellular heterogeneity in cord tissue and cord blood that broadens the scope of tissue utilization assessed in future neonatal EWAS studies.


Karnani Lab is seeking an enthusiastic Research Fellow (Bioinformatician for Microbiome Analysis) and Research Officer (Data Analyst) to join the group.